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Savannahs Illustrated & Bengals Illustrated  magazines endorse Hyendry cat toys.


Marilyn Krieger CCBC - author & cat behaviorist - uses & recommends Hyendry natural cat toys to her clients.


If you have any questions or concerns about our cat toys, please do not hesitate to email us directly at: contact@hyendry.com or simply click below.

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Office hours: 9am to 5pm CST Monday through Friday. Office closed Saturday & Sunday


Shipping & handling charges

On January 17, 2016, the United States Postal service raised their domestic rates by an average of 12%. We did NOT increase our rates.

Due to the nature of our products and the boxes / packages needed to ship them in so they arrive to you undamaged, we ship priority mail or first class with tracking within the USA. Therefore, our shipping charges are:

$0.01 to $39.99 is $7.35.

$40.00 or more is $8.75


Tax calculation

 Residents of the State of TN must be charged 9.75% sales tax








the Hyendry 'Fluffer Nutter' cat toy - $5.49

The Hyendry 'Fluffer Nutter' is made of 4 ten inch strips of leather, brightly colored feathers and wrapped with faux rabbit fur.






the Hyendry 'Fandangle' cat toy - $5.99

The Hyendry 'Fandangle' natural cat toy is made of a fur "body" and leather strip "legs". The "legs" have a total span of 10 inches. Throw the 'Fandangle' on the floor and let your furbaby have it ! Loads of fun !! Type of fur may vary & will be either raccoon, sheep, or rabbit fur. Click picture for a larger view

our best selling cat toy


WHAT IS VALERIAN ROOT? Valerian is a delicate white or pink flower that blooms in the summer & releases a sweet scent. But your cat will be more interested in another part of the flower - the root. Cats find the scent of Valerian root irresistible. Just a pinch of cut up root will expose your cat to the active oil, actinidine, which will turn your kitty into an ecstatic drool machine. Valerian root is a stimulant, which means that it will send your cat dancing & rolling around your house. We bet you'll never see your cat as happy as he will be with Valerian root ! Valerian root has a very long history and is perfectly safe for your cat to smell and rub on. Valerian root is just as safe & harmless as catnip and has a similar affect as catnip. That makes valerian root an excellent alternative to catnip if your cat is one of the many cats that are unaffected by the stimulating effects of catnip.

WHAT IS CRUSHED SPEARMINT LEAVES? If your cat has ever raided your purse or candy jar for mint gum or hard candies you already know they LOVE mint! Spearmint and catnip are both members of the mint family that cats go bonkers for. We now offer all our stuffed cat toys with crushed and sifted 100% certified organic spearmint leaves!


Sizes of our stuffed natural fur cat toys.

Average small size is 4" long by 1" wide. Average large size is 5 or 6" long by 2" wide.



the Hyendry sheep skin cat toy

choose a size & stuffing

( the color of sheep wool may vary depending on availability )



tiger striped sheep skin cat toy

choose a size & stuffing




the Hyendry raccoon fur cat toy

( small size only )

choose a stuffing



the Hyendry rabbit fur cat toy

choose a size & stuffing


( the color of rabbit fur may vary depending on availability )



'Just the Fluff' rabbit fur teaser wand

The 'Just the Fluff' cat teaser wand is made of 4 7" to 10" strips of rabbit fur attached to a 12 inch clarion Tuffen baton.  $9.99


the 'batabout' cat toy



Your feline friend will simply love playing with this toy. Just throw it on the floor and watch as your cat bats it about the room. The 'batabout' is made of sheep skin and feathers and has BBs inside it to excite your cat through sight, smell, & sound. Each 'batabout' is 9" long. $4.49

 ( click picture to enlarge )

'Tippy the rat' or 'Skippy the mouse'


Made from natural raccoon fur. 'Tippy' has a natural leather strip "tail" and 'Skippy' has a suede "tail". Simply throw them on the floor for hours of feline playtime.

choose which one you want



'Bunny Batters' cat toys 3 pack

Hyendry Bunny Batters are puffs of natural rabbit fur stuffed catnip. Approximate size is 2 inches. Pack of 3.  $7.99


Silvervine catnip chew sticks


Silvervine catnip sticks have long been known to elicit euphoric response in cats. It is the most popular cat treat in Asia. The reaction to silvervine catnip chew sticks is more intense than regular catnip. Typical behaviors include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, and licking. , Each silvervine catnip chew stick is approx 5 inches long and is sold in packs of two for ONLY $4.25  ( click picture to enlarge )


the spotted toobi cat nip cat toys

These spotted velour toobies are just too much fun! The perfect size for your cat to toss and jump on or carry around. 4 1/2 inches long and approximately 1 inch wide (2 inch diameter) they are stuffed with only 100% certified organic catnip for hours of interactive fun! Each package contains 2 toobies. $4.95


Faux rabbit fur & faux sheep skin stuffed cat toys

Average small size is 4 inches long by 1 inch wide. Average large size is 5 or 6 inches long by 2 inches wide.


faux rabbit fur cat toy


choose size & catnip


faux sheep skin cat toy


choose size & catnip


Our Hyendry "toobinator" cat toys are tubes of either rabbit fur or sheep skin with a canvas belly or 10.5 blue denim that are simply jam-packed with organic catnip for enhanced pleasure for your cat through sight and smell. Each tube is approximately 10 inches long and will have your cat doing "bunny-kicks" for hours. 10" sizes are $13.95 for the rabbit fur with canvas "belly", $13.95 for the sheep skin with canvas "belly" or $12.95 for the blue denim.

Is a 10" stuffed cat toy too big for your cat? That's ok. The "toobinator" can be ordered in a "mini-toobi" 5" size also. The 5" sizes are just like the 10" size, only smaller. 5" sizes are $7.50 for the rabbit fur with canvas "belly", $7.50 for the sheep skin with canvas "belly" or $6.50 for the blue denim.

Please note: The color of the rabbit fur, sheep skin & the canvas "belly" may vary compared to the pictures shown. Thank you.

pictures of denim toobinator & rabbit fur toobinator



pictures of  10" sheep skin toobinator & 5" sheep skin mini-toobi

( color of sheep wool may be cream, black, brown or grey depending on availability )

order a 10" toobinator cat toy

choose fur or denim

order a 5" mini-toobi cat toy

choose fur or denim



Choose the custom work charge you were quoted below

choose custom work charge

Feline fun & safety are priorities when it comes to our cat toys, so there are NO strings, NO buttons, NO bells or NO other attachments that could become a choking hazard to your cat. Just pure sheep skin, raccoon fur, or rabbit fur so your cat(s) can have hours & hours of playtime fun.

Hyendry cat toys are made with real sheep skin, real raccoon fur, or natural rabbit fur. Our sheep skin cat toys are made from heavy weight Icelandic sheep skin obtained direct from US farmers. We have found that natural materials bring out the play instincts in cats of all ages and are excited to be able to offer them for sale to the public! Your feline friend will thank you for surprising them with a sheep skin, or rabbit fur cat toy and you will get hours of enjoyment watching their antics!

All of our cat toys are made in the United States, so we can promise that we use the highest quality materials and standards when constructing them. Color of rabbit fur may vary.

______________________________ PLEASE NOTE _________________________________

We DO NOT buy  from farmers who raise & kill sheep just for their hide. We buy ONLY from farmers who have had sheep die from natural causes and tan the hides. Therefore, we only have a supply of hides when an animal dies from natural causes. We are sorry for the inconvenience if we are out of stock on any of the hides, but we hope you understand & agree with our principles & beliefs.


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